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David Rees AM applauds Port Talbot Post Office Victory

David Rees AM, has welcomed a huge victory for Port Talbot Post Office. David Rees AM, said,

“I recognised the support from the public in opposing the closure and who inevitably played a major part in retaining this service in Port Talbot which is greatly welcomed. This news reflects the outstanding provision that the people of Port Talbot receive at the Crown Post Office and from the hard working staff.  This is excellent news for them as we approach Christmas.

Aberavon AM fights for the end of the Part Time Closure of Junction 41

Today Aberavon’s Assembly Member, David Rees, has written to the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport and challenged the allegation made in the Evening Post’s article on the 5th November that the decision on a permanent closure of Junction 41 was ‘all over and done’. He has continued to express his, and the public’s, concern over the impact that the closure is having upon the town and the traffic chaos which has been caused throughout Port Talbot, as motorists use local routes to get to and from work during the week.

David Rees stated: “I am campaigning alongside the people of Aberavon and local councillors to keep junction 41 open and to end the part time closure as soon as possible.”

“As this trial period continues, we are seeing more motorists from Port Talbot and the Afan Valley facing extensive delays as they travel westwards during peak times. We will continue to closely monitor the impact on local residents as we continue to raise our opposition of this proposal from the Welsh Government. Since becoming aware of the proposal and throughout the trial, I have had many discussions with Ministers and officials to express my strong opposition to any junction closure and we have seen the public come behind the campaign against the proposal.”

David Rees added: “It is vitally important that people submit their views on this trial closure. From now until April they have the chance to let the Welsh Government know how this closure is affecting them and their family. Comments are to be submitted at http://www.traffic-wales.com/VoyagerNews.aspx?NEWSID=1214 . If people also have any photographic evidence, I urge them to also send this to traffic wales where all correspondence will be viewed by those assessing the impact of the closure. Together, we can fight this.”

He concluded  “I believe that my place as Assembly Member for the people of Aberavon is to represent the views of my constituents and I will continue to do just that in every way possible.”




Aberavon AM David Rees is urging residents to have their say on Council’s Budget

David Rees AM, has today urged all residents within Aberavon to have their say on the budget proposals by Neath Port Talbot Council. The Consultation launched by Neath Port Talbot Council is currently open and closes at midday on the 24th December 2014.

David Rees AM said, “It is imperative that the people of Aberavon, and Neath Port Talbot as a whole, have a say in the draft budget that has been proposed by the local authority as these decisions have a direct impact on the daily lives of the people within my constituency. The importance of these services to the people of Port Talbot and its surrounding communities is critical. I have raised my concerns with the local authority to ensure that they make efficient and effective use of all finances available to the authority and to ensure that essential services at the heart of our communities are maintained and protected.”

Neath Port Talbot Council have opened consultation on their draft budget which includes the proposed closure of 2 primary schools within the Afan Valley as well as the future of leisure facilities, libraries and community centres across the county borough.

A copy of the draft budget and the consultation process is currently on Neath Port Talbot Council website www.npt.gov.uk , you can also give your feedback and suggestions via email to nptbudget@npt.gov.uk and feedback forms are available in libraries, one stop shops and other public buildings within the area.